With grateful acknowledgement

of the essential contributions from the following collaborators;


Each and all of the participants – you have graciously opened your homes, shared your lived experience, and stayed on contributing to the conversations, on which this project is funded.


Sparring, concept

Head of Project  Reorganization NW – Sara Kathrine Nissen

Visual artist Åse Eg Jørgensen

SLA Landscape


Video production

Sound recording – Okan Yildirim

Editing / mastering / sound editing –  Niels Plenge

Graphic design text – Åse Eg

Translation / texting – Dansk Video Tekst


Reading the local site

Sparring, local architecture – Carsten Hoff

Sparring, the concept of landscape architect CTH Sørensen – Sonja Poll

Sparring local history – Local History Association for Brønshøj, Husum og Utterslev

Social pathfinder  – Enver “Valli” Uzeiri  / Street Society


“The Potting Shed”

Realized in collaboration with visual artist/ graphic designer Åse Eg Jørgensen

Co-production temporary pavillion – Logik & Co

Co-production temporary pavillion  – Space NV / Fablab Nordvest

Hosting of The Potting Shed in the communal laundry  – FSB

Hosting The Potting Shed in the local pizzaria – Pizzaria Nordvest



Grafic design – Åse Eg Jøgensen

Webdevelopment – BLCK / Troels Andersen

Copyright  images – VISDA


Realized through the generous support from;

Danish Arts Foundation

Copenhagen City

University of Gothenburg, Departement of Visual Arts

Danish Museum of Art in Public Spaces – KOES


Thoughts, criticism and contributions
Contact Kerstin Bergendal – mail: kerstin@bergendal.dk